Folder 001, Ep debut ART21



-Press release.-


ART21 is an alternative cultural movement that is born as an instrument of social denunciation about the current system that oppresses us. Through our artistic works we seek to awaken the conscience of the public, for this we will use all the resources and tools within our reach. Designing soundscapes that stimulate reflection and thought, as well as helping a better understanding of our environment and ourselves.
We are a launching platform for both musical and visual artists, as the design of our Cover Art is very important for us, trying to involve different artists in our works.

ART21 is an electronic label that covers styles from Techno, Acid, Minimal, Drone, Indurtrial, Glicth, Ambient to Experimental.

Folder 001 is the presentation EP of ART21.
This first work includes themes from four great artists, Click Box, Lectromeda, Puritan and SHNGL.
It consists of four pieces, two with a more Techno style, Random Session and OM 40, and two more of Acid style, Horse Phase and its remix.
The Cover Art created by Matías Al Margen.
Mastered by Eternal Midnitgh Studio.
Designed and produced by ART21.

“Everything you can imagine is real”
– Pablo Picasso.

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