Musician and multimedia developer . Founder of the virtual electronic magazine where you are now , and Root – Miga Netlabel Microphone.

Since its start in the music stamp with 100 % professional and group Brainrack has always researched the best way to improvise with electronic music, looking for new methods of real-time compositing , blending new technology and software hardware .
Since 2005 he has been exploring these technologies to make live performances with the name Animatek , always with a tough , minimalist line , working with layers of loops and experimenting with very rhythmic and percussive foundation by adding a pinch of repetitive sounds based on samples and various types of synthesis .
Currently works with Javier Alamo in a new project called ” PopulusMelkart ” conducting research on the outcome of the joint action of two or more causes , addressing the synthesis between image , sound and different graphical and auditory representations , although not rule the world dance and facilities through interactive technologies and new proposals.

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