– Archer C Hostettler –

Archer C Hostettler (Thailand)


– BIO –

Archer was born in Thailand and moved to London when she was 13 years old and now base in Switzerland.  Even before this young age she had a very keen interest in photography and art but not until she moved to London was she able to immerse herself in an environment where she was able to flourish and expand her creativity She drew inspiration from the eclectic architecture of London. This theme continues into her current works, which draws a striking contrast between hard architecture and softer humanity.

Her work had developed artistically and shows a distinct abstract quality, which encompasses a variety of styles but still retains the unique and inimitable style that is characteristic of her work. If one word were to be used to epitomize Archer work it would be dynamic. She consistently seek to challenge herself creatively to push her work forward therefore producing art, which is multi-faceted and versatile.

Archer has worked in publicity studios, fashion rooms and as a freelance photographer for clubs, her photos had been used for cover, flyer in many underground music labels. Looking forward, Archer is seeking to expand her subjects, creating art, which had a broad appeal while incorporating her unique aspect.





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