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Israel Toledo is one of the most exported Mexican Techno DJs and producers. His sound can be defined as driving, percussive and synthetic Techno. Israel Toledo played at big festivals such as Love Parade Mexico, Mayday Mexico, Giano Valley Festival (Italy) or Quest4Techno Festival (Netherlands).
Besides he played at well-known clubs like: Tresor (Berlin), M-Bia (Berlin), Tor 3 (Dusseldorf), BKI (Hamburg), Doorn Roosje (Nijmagen), Club R19 (Berlin), Korsakoff (Amsterdam), Marx Club (Luxembourg), Decadance (Gent) or Rumba Club (Leuven), Vagabond and K31 (Bogotá, Colombia) and other countries such England, Spain, Czech Republic, Austria, USA and Venezuela.
He is the label owner and manager of the Techno label Assassin Soldier Recordings. The label started in 2004 and various well-known artists like Esteban Adame a.k.a. Galaxy to Galaxy from Underground Resistance or Dj Rush, Andrei Morant among other top artists.
Israel Toledo has his own radio show «Assassin Soldier Sessions» which is broadcasted in Mexico, Argentina, Netherlands and the UK.
He already produced EP’s and remixes for more than 60 labels around the globe. You can listen Israel Toledo’s music on vinyl, digital labels and cd compilations such AFU; MB Elektronics, Dystopian Rhythm, Analogue Audio, Masters Of Disaster, ZYX Music, Naked Lunch Records, MFS-Flesh, Patterns, Scope Recordings, Wall Music and many more.