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Nicola Scarano Aka Car-D was born on December 2, 1995 in Italy, since the age of 12 engaged in fast and aggressive music, in fact he’s a lover of the well known metal band » Metallica » but over the years
he began to discover music Electronics in its various nuances and then understand after several years that the techno of the early 90s is what it does to its case.
He begins to get serious about this sort of thing, beginning to follow his favorite artists around South Italy in the clubs.
With time he knows people already engaged in production and he begins to realize that doing his own music might be far more satisfying than listening to him, so he begins to dive into the world of production.
After a few years he began releasing on record labels such as Morforecs , Aesir Records ecc , starting to perform in free parties and local clubs.
His sound is influenced by Ben Long, Jamie Bissmire, Oscar Mulero ,Surgeon , Kay D.Smith and many more.










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