Community – Various Artists


Community – Various Artists

 Digital LP,  Spain,

15/07/2022 – Techno, Hypnotic, Drone

Community – Various Artists


Artists in alphabetical order:

Andrey Detochkin – Interacting Diversities
Animatek – 11kdepth
Aurora – Mirage
David Bowman – The Oort Cloud
Dean Amo – Kicking
Dessorden – Áspero
Dietriangle – Repetition of Events
Droneghost – Owls
Eleck – Formula 1
Encoder – Untitled_0245
FBK – Counterpoints
Grace Scale – Zweisamkeit
*Groof – Vigilantes
Hanton – Soul
**HD SUBSTANCE – Metallo & The Band (Twisted Version)
Joaquin Ruiz – Altair
Lakej – Leap of Faith
Lectromeda – Sirviendo
***Pedro Pina – Iter
Persohna – Diversion
Plural – USA – We Can’t Kick it
Rondell Adams aka RON AD – QUENCH
Subtraum – Official – Noise Level
Umaru – Dragon Riding
Vegim – Retrieve what’s yours
Víctor Santana – Siempre de Frente
VYN·1 – Guada Across the Aconcagua


When you fail, someone grabs you from behind to bring you back on track. When you feel lost, someone pointing North with a compass is just next to you. When you need to breathe, you realize that the windows have already been opened to let you do so. 

These things are not casual, as when you need to dance to proper techno there is always a crew, somewhere, somehow, ready to welcome you and dance right next to you, till you all forget the passing of time. 

Some may say humans are selfish and untrustworthy, but we know that thanks to communities we have made this adventure possible, and that life is about having one from beat to beat (and all that’s in between).

—Vanity Dust 

«That two and two are necessarily four is an opinion that many of us share. But if someone sincerely thinks otherwise, say so. Here we are not surprised at anything.»
-Antonio Machado


All tracks mastered by Eternal Midnight Mastering Studio


*Vigilantes by Groof

** Metallo & The Band by HD Substance

*** Iter by Laboratorios Substancia

Cover Art – Natalia Maca

Text – Vanity Dust

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