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Dialect began his DJ career in LIVC DJ School in Prague. Michael’s tastes progressed until he found the style which suited him. He chucked out his old tech-house wax in favour of the more Slovak sound, which finally led him to «bham» techno sounds.

Introduced to world of music by LIVC DJ School in Prague in 2000, Michal aka. Dialect slowly developed his musical taste tech-house to deeper and more experimental British techno records. And that also reflects in musical works of his solo project. As Dialect you can define his sound as techno, as experimental breaks, even as industrial and exactly this was also what labels such as Subsist from Spain or Krmelec from Czechia have been looking for. Dialect is now running his own label Transporta Records.

Dialect (Michael Pullman) has been a player on the Czech underground techno scene for over a decade, playing unique DJ sets of underground in techno mostly in the clubs of Prague, and releasing music on various labels including his own label Transporta.
His sound references various subgenres of electronic music, and occupies the area somewhere between bass music, dubstep, post dubstep and broken/dark techno. The music of Dialect is hypnotic deep and immersive, and sometimes highly emotional, with washes of melancholy sweeping over deep deep bass.








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