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portada dykkon
Dykkon (Spain)


– BIO –

Madrid home-based dj and producer Dykkon has been active in the music scene since 2015.
His first reference was published on Drumcode receiving feedbacks from big international artists and drawing the attention of other techno labels.
Currently focuses is his own sound, dark and linear, heavy but with a very powerful and deep groove …, soft aggressiveness in the changes and attention to detail to break the dance floor.

They have had their presence in almost all of Spain and have participated in important events such as CODE (Main Room Fabrik), HEX (Razzmatazz), and at festivals such as Aquasella or Amazin Festival.

He also directs and produces his program of TV / Radio in streaming DKN Live from the prestigious school of DJs INTED in Madrid, presenting his new productions and mixes, as well as giving space to unpublished sessions of other collaborating Djs.







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