– Eduardo de la Calle –

Eduardo de la Calle


– BIO –


Across a glittering 18 years production career, under an array
of aliases, Madrid-based über producer, the music chameleon
Eduardo de la Calle has worked with many of the most important
labels of modern times such as Planet-E Communications,
International Deejay Gigolo, TURBO, Hivern Discs, Mule Musiq,
Semantica, NONPLUS, Mental Groove, NON SERIES, ORBE – as
well as fathering his own vinyl-only imprint Analog Solutions.
It’s hard to put a fine point on Eduardo’s sound. Equally capable
of composing lush, languid soundscapes, exotic tech-house, sci-fi
Jazz and why not ,brutal big room assaults, De la Calle is a truly
multi-faceted artist.
Director of the well-known electronic music documentary BEATZ
alongside Iban Ugalde and Pedro Pantaleon.








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