Diego Manzaneque, an artist born in Bilbao although settled in Castellón, is also known as G02 and as Heat, pseudonyms that he uses in a more physical and intense way in the first case and with a warmer and softer line in the second.

Musically active since 1993, defending the commitment and musical quality since its inception, he has been responsible and co-responsible for large projects that primarily defend proposals of quality electronics such as Waves, NXT, Multiplex, NXT recordings, Utopia, Entropia or NXT Gravity, also reviewing their collaboration with Hypnotica Colectiva since 2010 .

Currently, he is owner of Hxagrm Records label and has a radio-show called Hxagrm Records Podcast a saturday every eight weeks at 18:00 GMT on http://www.fnoobtechno.com.

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