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ART21 Podcast 009

by  N01R

N01R - Podcast 009


N01R, the Spanish-born, Berlin based Producer / DJ who has established herself around her unique Experimental and Industrial sounds.
She brings a sound that’s at once both visceral and enigmatic. Effortlessly cross-stepping the genre divide, her uncategorizable material sutures together a myriad of styles, N01R’s knack for production is truly standalone. Since 2005 she’s amassed a sturdy back catalog with releases on world-renowned labels including:

– Machinekunt
-Cold Beat Records
-Aufnahme + Wiedergabe
-Unknown Pleasures Records
-Young&Cold Records
-InClub Records
– Nøvak
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ART21 Podcast 008

by  Pledge



Giuseppe Musciacchio, aka Joey_M aka Pledge,he lives for music since he was nine, when he started playing classical music. At the beginning he started his studying in harmony, solfeggio and started playing piano. During the years of his adolescence he overlooked to the world of night club that will fascinate him; this new passion will bring the young artist to embark on the study of electronic music.



ART21 Podcast 007

by  Prisma



Started really young listening to Techno, used to know all sets that were on the internet by that time, but because he was only 14 years old he wasn’t allowed to go to clubs, his taste was pretty much dark and deep Techno from artist such as Regis, Oliver Ho, Surgeon, Mulero…

When he was 19 he moved to London and started experimenting making Minimal tracks always having in mind making his own live set, something that happened very soon around clubs in London.

It was few years later around 2010 when moving to Berlin change his perspective about music again, Techno came back to him, something that was always inside him but had to come out in the studio. Something that occurred with a little turn of things in the studio, moving from software to hardware was a big change in the way he produced music. But finding a proper balance between both worlds makes the perfect equilibrium for his way of work.

Actually lives in Spain where his studio is at. Apart from Techno he has touched other styles like Electro, Experimental, Downtempo and Ambient. He believes that for evolving musically, mixing styles and experimenting new things in the studio is something that he always be open for.





ART21 Podcast 006

by Persohna



Persohna Dj and Produce from London founder of Aesir Records , involved in techno scene since the late 90s and is the driven force in day to day life with the release on label such Aesir Records, TMMR, MER, DID, Combine and many others




ART21 Podcast 005

by Lectromeda


Jose Angel Martin AKA Lectromeda is DJ since 1992 , to own the legendary doodles , the Studio ( Located in the basement of the Trianon theater ) and the leader in the early last decade of the last century .
On this occasion Lectromeda delights us with a podcast only with their own track,

Enjoy !!!



ART21 Podcast 004

by Dietriangle


Active as visual artist since 2010, dietriangle appeared on the techno scene as producer and dj in 2015. His sound is focused on dark sonorities and repetitive patterns, always with a special eye to experimentations.


ART21 Podcast 003

by Dykkon


Madrid home-based dj and producer Dykkon has been active in the music scene since 2015.
His first reference was published on Drumcode receiving feedbacks from big international artists and drawing the attention of other techno labels.
Currently focuses is his own sound, dark and linear, heavy but with a very powerful and deep groove …, soft aggressiveness in the changes and attention to detail to break the dance floor.


 ART21 Podcast 002



Inspired by the local dance scene, SHNGL’s sound is mostly focused on melancholic melodies and heavy grooves. He appeared on Techno scene in the end of 2016 and since then, have been producing music actively.

 ART21 Podcast 001

by Puritan 


Focused on acid sounds, Puritan is techno project form Tbilisi, Georgia. project includes all soundscapes of acid techno, from 90’s to modern era, with some dreamy pads and classic Roland drum sounds.

This time young artist presents all acid set specially for ART21 first podcast series.