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– BIO –


Started really young listening to Techno, used to know all sets that were on the internet by that time, but because he was only 14 years old he wasn’t allowed to go to clubs, his taste was pretty much dark and deep Techno from artist such as Regis, Oliver Ho, Surgeon, Mulero…

When he was 19 he moved to London and started experimenting making Minimal tracks always having in mind making his own live set, something that happened very soon around clubs in London.

It was few years later around 2010 when moving to Berlin change his perspective about music again, Techno came back to him, something that was always inside him but had to come out in the studio. Something that occurred with a little turn of things in the studio, moving from software to hardware was a big change in the way he produced music. But finding a proper balance between both worlds makes the perfect equilibrium for his way of work.

Actually lives in Spain where his studio is at. Apart from Techno he has touched other styles like Electro, Experimental, Downtempo and Ambient. He believes that for evolving musically, mixing styles and experimenting new things in the studio is something that he always be open for.






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