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Romain Richard was born in Lille, France on 27.12.1079. He moved to Barcelona almost 13 years ago.
His first contacts with the world of music come to him during his youth thanks to his older brother, who listened to hip-hop. But what he was passionate about, when he was still a kid, was house and techno. He was fascinated by both the hip house melodies of Todd Terry and those of the creators of Detroit techno such as Juan Atkins, Derrick May and Kevin Saunderson.
Romain began to play when his brother bought two plates and a mixer, in 1996. The culture of deejays, in full explosion at this time, was really his link with electronic music. He began to play in different clubs in France and Belgium where he became quite popular, fascinating the public with his fast and surprising art as a DJ. In fact, he dealt with it through his incendiary sessions, which ride between techno, house and classic Detroit themes.
In Catalonia he appeared in several clubs such as Row 14, the torn de nit, or El Zentraus, where he had a residence for many years. In addition to that, he performed in clubs and festivals in Serbia, such as the well-known EXIT Festival. In addition to a career as a DJ, Romain is producing his own music. His music differs from the rest of techno productions that have appeared in recent times by deploying, along with hard and forceful rhythms, his passion for the more experimental and old-school techno sounds, declaring himself totally influenced by people like Jeff Mills or Joey Beltram.
In recent times he is busy developing his own sound, an elegant mix of 90s techno with the most current sound, aimed at both young Techno lovers and old romantic Detroit sound.





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