– I´m not Fragile – Various Artists –


I AM NOT FRAGILE – Various Artist

 Digital, EP,
  Spain, August 2019
Electronic, Techno, Industrial, IDM, Deep Techno, Drone

I´m no Fagile

On the occasion of the signing of ART21 by Triple Vision for digital distribution, the new Red Digital Collection was born.

I AM NOT FRAFILE is the first LP that includes 65 tracks by different artists, Techno, Industrial, Deep techno, IDM, focused on the dance floor

It is a Various Artists in which both international artists and other emerging artists who make very good techno are included. There are artists from very different places in the world, USA, Argentina, Germany, UK, Mexico, Colombia, Australia, France, Italy, Russia, Switzerland, Georgia, China, Spain …, thus giving a broader and more varied vision of the current independent techno panorama.

Alphabetical Order

Add Obscurae – Deadspace
Albert Chiovenda – Unravelling Itself
Animatek – Chicago 1886
Another Machines – Epithap II
Audio Resistance – Cyclic
Car D – Strictly
Casual Treatment – Empty Nest
Concept of Thrill – Tu
David Bowman – M87
Dean Amo – Instinct M2 for Adventures
Dialect – AMamProskrtnuty0
Dietriangle – Non Convex
Dj Ze MIGL – ART21
Drhamer – Lost
Droneghost – Ghost Love
Dykkon – Voltare – 6
Eduardo de la Calle – New Bacht Jose 009
Electrorites – The Devil back to the Hell*
Elektrabel – FMM9
Eric Fetcher – Utopia
Error Etica – Stelar Weekend
Fǎnwùzhí – 0001
FBK – No Body Fucking Cared*
Filip Xavi – Macrodosing
Forest People – Nebulous Smear*
Fu5 – Abstracte
G02 – Overseas

Group – 180828-2353
Homee – Faithhopelove
Israel Toledo – Korruptes System
K´Alexi Shelby & Black 13 – 8 Ball
Kereni – Bipolar
Khuan – Why *
Komprezzor – The Persuit Part1*
Lasawers – Try to Catch Me
Lectromeda – Room47
Mateo Hurtado – Shifted Perception
Mind Machines – Wihte
Monix – Analog Slop
N01R – Monoxide*
N01R – Monoxide (Delusions Remix)
Ōcktawian – Powerslave *
Ōcktawian – Powerslave (Matt Utom Remake) *
Omnia Vox – CWEBD2a
Orbe – Bastidor
Pedro Pina – ASP03
Persohna –Sound of Silence
Pledge – Energia *
Plural – Condemn
Prisma – Xtrenz
Pulso – Ser un Cuerpo
Puritan – Retail Slut
Romain Richard – Disidencia
Rondell Adams – Sense
Sintoma – TEHRV*
Sons of Hidden – Smog
Stumheth – Nexo
The Frequentist – The Rebound
THÖNK – As You Come To Reality *
Translate – Approaching Cygn System
T Y – Genoma
Umaru – Prophetie
Víctor Santana – You Need Dance
Vincent – Espiritu
Ximo Noguera – Haloperidol

The mastering 54 have been run as usual by Xergio Córdoba of Eternal Midnigth Mastering Studio, and the remaining 11 (*) by engineers of the authors themselves such as Chris Mc Cormack, Mauro Nakimi, Komprezzor, Mikel Garcia among others …



«Sometimes you know which side to be on, just seeing who’s on the other side.»
– Leonard Cohen

Cover ART – Archer C Hostettler

Mastering – Eternal Midnight Mastering Studio

Produced  & Desing- ART21


Albert Chiovenda – Unravelling Itself

Video – Dietriangle


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