– var future = true; – Andrey Detochkin –


var future = true; – Andrey Detochkin

 Digital, EP,
 Spain,  18 / 2 /2022
Electronic, Techno, Hypnotic, mental techno


Over the past ten years, the modern world has dramatically expanded its capabilities and increased its influence on human consciousness. Using tools for transmitting information directly to personal devices, human consciousness receives signals that push individuals to think and act in specific directions. In addition, continuously updated recommendation systems and algorithms are rapidly developing and technically modified, making the system for submitting personalized content more and more perfect.

var future = true; is a sound story about how technologies at the peak of the fourth information revolution can be used for good purposes and improve human life on earth.     «A Clear Tomorrow» means that we are coming to a clear future in which technology is our friend and faithful advisor. We live in peace and harmony, and technology has fulfilled its primary function, making human life more manageable.

Each individual needs to become «Content Resistant», strictly and ruthlessly monitor the data and content arriving on the screens of devices and computer monitors. Although at the moment, everyone has a choice of what kind of content he receives on the screens, it is only necessary to identify and block content that carries a destructive code of influence on human consciousness. «Content Resistant» is also an internal state of strict denial of harmful content and attempts to influence the individual. Only understanding and awareness of a person can determine this content. So far, most modern algorithms refuse to help us with this just because they are set up in this manner.

Data server volumes are snowballing, which entails increasing electricity consumption and natural resources for storing vast amounts of human ‘unnecessary content’ in the public domains.
The incoming information causes polarization of perception (cognitive dissonance) of everything around us and main events that are not the fact that they are happening. «Nonpolar sync» occurs when the content can no longer influence a person, and critical thinking and common sense take over the person’s reactions, which leads to balance and non-polarity. There can be only one reaction, no doubts, and options B.

Finally, disclosing hidden potentials and understanding what «Hidden Potanceval» is, also known as «Hidden Potential».
Despite all of the above, we live in a fantastic time where there is a massive amount of alternative creative content: every artist, musician and creative posts their art content on the web. Visual, audio content, techno and experimental music directly from authors and independent labels are available to our attention 24 hours a day. Unfortunately, the algorithms are not conducive to promoting this content to the top positions in the display to users, but most of this content is in the public domain. All you need to get in touch with all this art is to arm yourself with search options on different services and make your choice to find something that will inspire you and please your senses.

Be Content Resistant.
Andrey Detochkin

Big special thanks to Natalia Maca for a huge help in making this release.



  1  Andrey Detochkin – Behind The Algorithm
     2  Andrey Detochkin – A Clear Tomorrow
     3  Andrey Detochkin – Content Resistant
     4  Andrey Detochkin – Hidden Potanceval
     5  Andrey Detochkin – Nonpolar Sync (Bonus Track)

«Broadcasting of what is happening does not at all prove that it is happening.»
-Victor Pelevin

Cover ART – Natalia Maca

Mastering – Eternal Midnight Mastering Studio

Produced  & Desing- ART21


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