A Bunch of Students – The supple gait


A Bunch of Students – The Supple Gait

 Vinyl 140 gr Black 12″, EP, 200 Copies  Limited Edition, Stereo   Spain,

13/05/2022 – Techno, Hypnotic


– Vinyl Track –

A1 – A Bunch Of Students -The Raiders Of The Lost Planet

A2 – A Bunch Of Students – All Theories

B1 – A Bunch Of Students – Apanna Vatsala

B2 – A Bunch Of Students – Strokes Of Life


A Bunch Of Students is a project between Eduardo de la Calle and DJ Surgeles created by the two artists with the aim of collaborating together in the same direction, making the Ep of a four tracks a work tool that allows professionals and disc jockeys to express not only content predominantly sound reminiscent of science fiction filmography but also a less abstract easy-to-use tool with the aim of creating a more affordable work tool closer to the dance floor.

«Art is essentially personal and, in one way or another, reveals the artist’s self.»

– Ernesto Sábato


A Bunch Of Students is a sound project of Dj Surgeles & Eduardo de la Calle

Mastering – Eternal Midnight mastering Studio

Video – Dietriangle

Cover Art & Design – ART21

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