– Neurotwin II – Various Artists


Neurotwin II – Various Artists

 Vinyl 140 gr Clear 12″, EP, 200 Copies  Limited Edition, Stereo   Spain,

04/04/2022 – Techno, Drone, Hypnotic, Mental Techno


– Vinyl Track –

A1 – HD SUBSTANCE – Kormoran

A2 – Groof – Al Caer Sube

B1 – Dorian Gray – Arcadia

B2 – Andrey Detochkin – Brain Impulses Transfer


– Bonus Tracks (Digital Only) –

+1 – HD Substance – Elastómero

+2 – Groof – Diletante Latente

+3 – Andrey Detochkin – After Sync


The Neurotwin project is the successor to an initiative that encompasses many projects called Virtual Physiological Human, which was based on the idea of creating a complete model of a human being on a computer, to perform non-invasive tests at the computational level. Now the concept has been derived to «Digital Twin«, which seeks not only to have an equal computational model for everyone, but to create «twin» digital models of each patient in order to be able to make personalized medicine from the genome of each individual .Specifically, in our project, we have focused on digital twin brains, which would be representations of patient brains created from data extracted with current neuroimaging and brain activity monitoring techniques.

«Mirrors are used to see the face, Art to see the soul.»

-George Bernard Shaw


Mastering – Eternal Midnight mastering Studio

Cover Art – Nitasha Singh Brett


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