– Neurotwin – Various Artists


Neurotwin – Various Artists

 Vinyl 180 gr Black 12″, LP, 200 Copies  Limited Edition, Stereo   Spain,

10/06/2021 – Techno, Drone, Hypnotic,  Ambient


– Vinyl Track –

A1 – Vortex Count – Growthh

A2 – Translate – Nyquist

A3 – Pulso – Unexpected Row

A4 – Aural Research – ◇

B1 – Droneghost – Cartographer

B2 – David Bowman – Ligo

B3 – Animatek – Black Cat


– Bonus Tracks (Digital Only) –

+1 – After_Disaster – Copy Waiter  

+2 – David Bowman – Gravitational Wave

 +3 – Droneghost – The Light Passes Through

+4 – Pulso & Translate – Sismä

+5 – Translate – Radiation Source


In the fight against Alzheimer’s, epilepsy, schizophrenia and other diseases characterized by an imbalance in neuronal activity, there are chemical weapons, such as those that try to prevent the protein fragments known as beta-amyloid plaques from developing in the cerebral cortex , and physical, such as electrical stimulation that allow to restore the functionality of brain cells. This last resort, which has already been shown to be effective in modifying the activity of the cerebral cortex, is today a weapon of general intervention. Converting it to precision requires the development of individualized and predictive brain models that allow identifying where and how much to stimulate each patient. To achieve this, an international European team is working on the creation of virtual replicas of the most unknown organ in the body: the Neurotwin project.

According to recent research, the decrease in power in the neuronal oscillations of the gamma band of the cerebral cortex (a pattern whose frequency ranges between 20 and 50 Hertz) favors the development of protein fragments related to Alzheimer’s.

Transcranial application of weak electrical currents has proven to be an effective and painless way to modulate brain activity without side effects.

The objective is to create complete computational models of the brain with real data of living beings (human patients) and that allow to anticipate and specify the effects of non-invasive stimulation techniques on neurological mechanisms.

«Never turn your back on a friend.»

Alfred Hitchcock


Mastering – Eternal Midnight mastering Studio

Cover Art – Nitasha Singh Brett


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