-The Essence of the East – Various –


The Essence of the East – Various Artist

 Vinyl 180 gr Black 12″, EP,
300 Copies  Limited Edition, Stereo
  Spain, April 2019
Electronic, Techno, Deep, Minimal

The Essence of the East - Various Artists



A1 – Vortex Count – Linnear
A2 – Victor Santana – Underground Shadows
B1 – Røtter –  Return
B2  – Dykkon – Texlar

The Essence of the East is a Various Artists dedicated to the falseness of the world that surrounds us, inviting us to reflect on it.

«It´s easy to dodge the spear, But not the hidden dagger».- Proverb Chinese

ART21003 It is made up of four themes,

Linnear is based on hypnotic polyrhythmic pulsating sequences evolving with intensity and slow movement, representing a sense of interior emptiness. Track is a mixture of techno, textures and a taste of early idm caustic sounds whit a meticulous focus on details that normally typify works of Vortex Count.

Underground Shadow is a track by Victor Santana in which he has used analog synthesizers such as a Moog, a Tr 909 and a Dx 7 for its composition, it is a techno theme with winks to the old techno school, ideal for the track of dance.

Return is a techno track composed by Røtter, that immerses you between different sound passages of the deepest and most mental techno. It is a melodic and atmospheric theme

Texlar is a dark and linear theme as is usual in Dykkon productions, but with a forcefulness and elegance that will make the ravages of the track



Cover ART – Archer C Hostettler
Mastering – Eternal Midnight Mastering Studio

Videos: Dietriangle, Emiliano Montani & Carrie Favretto
Produced & Desing- ART21

Physical distribution – Envelope Structure
Digital distribution – Triple Vision

– Videos –

Vortex Count – Linnear

Video : Carrie Favretto

Víctor Santana – Undergronud Shadows

Video: Emiliano Montani

Røtter – Return

Video: Dietriangle

Dykkon – Texlar

Video: Dietriangle



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