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T Y “ La nota desconocida”

When we talk about T Y, we are talking about a composer of electronic music in the styles of Techno and Subground. His music is submerged by retro-agressive energy with a little touch of trances and electro.
He keeps absorving new tendencies and embracing new ideas. In fact, he has added sounds to his music, gathered from influence throughout Central Europe, West side Canada and Spain.
This concepts stay displayed in all his sound projects like the recent two album released with the kosovan based record label TMM Records, Mekka EP and with the Italian record label Insane Industry, Krime EP.
Sequences EP, release by Shape Of Void, label based on Berlin. This compilation counts with remixes from Lars Huismann and the Canadian artist Kloves.
XXXVII, released by the sublabel of Obscuur Records, Ōtomo Trax, located on Netherlands.
Los Grados and Impetuous with Canadian record label “Subspec Music”, which includes three remixes done by Annie Hall and Body Mechanic.
When we talk about T Y, we also talk about a triple-deck live show, where he reflects a mix in between digital and analog formats. The main feature of his sets is the speed of movements and versatility to include drum machines and analog synthesizers. His speciality is dark garnish, but he also cultivates other fields of techno such as throttle, industrial and experimental.
T Y tells: “Every person has a different way of enjoying my creations, but as far as I am concerned, every one agrees that the best way to listen to it, is OUT LOUD on my concerts. So I hope to see you soon on my next concert”.




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